We– you, your business and Driven Media– have the power to change the way media represents women.

When you’re a young woman, you don’t always realize the hold the media has on you. You focus on living your life. You get your work done, you go to school and you try to have a personal life.

And you don’t necessarily think about how the images you see, how the stories you read and hear worm their way into your mind.

They convince you that your life could be better. You could be more beautiful, or more carefree or more successful. And it seems like it happens instantaneously. These people we see and idolize are born magic. They’re born talented and likeable and brilliant.

And you can’t figure out why you don’t get that.

The truth is, you can’t get that because it’s fake. It’s the biggest cliche you can imagine: nobody’s perfect. But those two words are used– insufficiently– to talk about this false reality that the media has created for women.

Every single person on this planet struggles. Every single person has days that suck and moments of the purest joy. Every success is made from a combination of hard work, opportunity and a willingness to take a smart risk.

Together, we have the power to burst that bubble of perceived perfection. We can create stories that show what real life is like– what success looks like amidst the frustrations of every day. We can show women that they have the power to make their life what they want it. Because happiness and satisfaction are things you work for, not something you’re given.

So become a sponsor. We will produce the content, you just need to chip in to help us get started.


Tier 1:


We will get your brand out to our passionate audience. This includes things like frequently shouting you out on social media and using (and showing us using) your product.


Tier 2:


Same as tier 1 plus a profile on your organization published on our site.


Tier 3:

$5,000 same perks as the first two tiers plus one-on-one conversations with the Driven team about stories you’re interested in and want to associate your brand with.