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The Midwest. America’s Breadbasket. The Heartland. Flyover States.

For a region with so many monikers, it’s a black hole on the map of the United States for many Americans.

What goes on there? Farming. Everyone knows that!

And it’s true. There’s no other region in the country that produces as much corn as the Midwest. But that corn doesn’t just grow itself. And in Iowa, 30% of farms are owned by women.

Beyond farming, there are millions of fascinating stories in the Midwest. All throughout the region, there are women with incredible, hilarious and beautiful stories.

On top of that, the Midwest is changing. Industries come and go, fields are sold off for developments, and there’s a constant drive to keep young people from leaving to look for opportunities elsewhere.

And that all means that the roots of the Midwest– of individuals, of industries and of culture– are forced to adapt.

That’s why, this summer, Driven will be exploring the diversity of the lives and experiences of the women of the Midwestern United States.

These stories will challenge misconceptions, teach you about places and people you never knew existed and show off the beauty of the heartland.

We love the Midwest. Hannah was born in Kansas City, Missouri and has relatives scattered across the plains of Iowa and Nebraska. And Sam grew up just outside of Madison, Wisconsin.

We can’t wait to share our roots with you.



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