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Marjorie Doksansky was born in 1931 in Wahoo, Nebraska. She’s the grandmother of Driven’s very own Hannah Doksansky. A nurse until she retired at the age of 75, Marge worked at a hospital, a prison and the Hormel Foods plant in her town. She always loved bowling, golf and traveling, but her biggest passion is her family.

She has five children who she raised on her own after her husband moved out one day without explanation. In that time being a single, divorced mother in a strong Catholic community was nearly unheard of. But Marge managed. Today her five children, fourteen grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren are proof of that.

In this audio piece, Marge tells the story of her life. She’s a testament to us all of what is possible if we refuse to give up.


By | Hannah Doksanksy and Samantha Harrington. Special thanks to Gary Kirk for saving our audio.