Where did the idea begin?

Right here:

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Why are you “roving?”

We want Driven to be mobile, so we can reach stories in a variety of locations.

What is a tour?

On our tours, we travel in a specific location of the U.S. and cover stories around a specific theme. The current tour is Rooted: transitions and traditions in America’s heartland.

Why are you all focusing on women’s stories?

There are two main reasons: the first is that there’s a real need. Though women make up 51% of the population, they only make up 20% of news story sources. The second reason is that it’s what we know. We’re four young women and we know what we’re missing from traditional media and we know how to connect with women in our age group.

How is Driven different than other media organizations?

We don’t produce “news” content in the way news is typically described. We aim to get young women the access to information that helps them live the lives they want through the stories of others.

Technically speaking, we’re a small team and are focused on pushing the boundaries of multimedia storytelling.

Where do you go?

Everywhere and anywhere. If you have story suggestions, send them our way!

How can I help?

Help us find stories: let us know if you know any inspiring women- we would love to meet them on our journey.

Help fund us: Let us know if you know of any sponsorship opportunities that would help us launch this organization.

How often will you publish stories?

We’re still working on getting on a regular publishing schedule. But if you follow us on social media, we promise you won’t miss a story.